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Upcoming schedule/Events

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Oct. 26th

Goddess Circle w/Diana                                                 6pm - 7:30pm

Are you ready to release self-judgement and blocks that are keeping you from fully embracing the real you? So often, we wear masks to feel safe and reject parts of ourselves that we feel insecure, shameful or weird about.

October is a time of shedding, honoring and accepting ALL parts of yourself. It's a time of deep introspection and creative transformation if you have the courage to be yourself.

It's the perfect time to come together and open up space for magical experiences, opportunities and synchronicities to come your way!

Come join us for an October Fall Goddess Circle to embrace your inner wisdom, connect with like-minded Souls and harness the power of the collective to help you birth your desires!

$20.00 - Registration Below - RVSP REQUIRED - Call Ahead - Pay at Door Welcome


Oct. 27th

Psychic Practice w/shea                                                 6pm - 8pm

Details Coming Soon! Early Registration Below 


Nov. 13th

Next sound Bath w/ Bobbie                                          5pm - 7pm

Details Coming Soon! Early Registration Below