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Shea's Way


Channeled Energy Healing

As I journey into a trans like state,

 I become the facilitator between you and Source. 

During this exploration, source, spirit guides, life force energy comes through me to create a direct channel into the clients energy field/body, Opening pathways to clear blockages 

and/or disease of the bodies energetic field. 

Per Session $140.00

Package (4 Sessions) $420.00

Schedule Coming Soon 

Psychic/Mediumship Energy Reading

Tapping into  energy/energies around you to tune in and reveal potential messages from higher self, spirit guides, angels 

and/or your passed love ones.

 (This is often an extension of a channeled message.)

Questions during a reading are invited and welcome.

Session (1 Hour) $120.00

Session (30 Min.) $60.00

Schedule Coming Soon